Tips On How To Catch Catfish With Your Hand


Catfish anglers have long used all sorts of techniques and gadgets to outsmart these slippery predators. Hand-fishing is one of the oldest, most hands-on methods for catching catfish. It’s also a great alternative when fishing conditions are less than ideal. Hand-fishing has several advantages over other methods. For example, it helps you avoid getting hung up on snags, which can be a problem when using conventional tackle or traps. Another benefit is that hand-fishing lets you catch the largest and fattest fish in your pond or river system because you can target them directly and release smaller fish unharmed back into the water at the end of your line. Eliminating excess covers, such as debris and weeds, will help increase your chances of catching more catfish with your hands. Here are five tips on how to catch catfish with your hand:

What You’ll Need

Before you get started, it’s important to note that hand-fishing is not allowed in all states, so make sure to check local laws before trying this method of fishing. In addition, you’ll want to wear gloves while hand-fishing and make sure to thoroughly wash your hands afterward. If you are fishing in a river or stream, make sure to wear boots to protect your feet from injury from rocks and debris. Finally, you’ll also want to bring along a camera or smartphone to document your hand-fishing adventures. Another piece of equipment you may want to bring along is a pair of pliers. This will help make it easier to remove hooks from your hands if you happen to get snagged.

Finding the Right Spot

When it comes to where to go for hand-fishing, you can’t go wrong with a spot where catfish are already likely to be abundant. These include areas with deep holes or eddies, weed-beds, or points on the bank.

How to Catch Catfish With Hand

One of the best ways to catch catfish with your hands is by finding a school of feeding catfish and then gently reaching out and grabbing them by the gills. It is important to note that catfish have very sensitive barbels which you do not want to get stuck or pinched. Another method is to gently reach into the bank undercut or a place where the bank erodes and crumbles. You may happen upon a catfish that has buried itself in the bank for safety. When you encounter a catfish, make sure to grab it gently but firmly by the gills and lift it out of the water.

How to Find a Catfish Using Your Hand

If you’ve fished in a spot for a while and still aren’t catching any fish, try using your hand to locate where catfish are hiding. When fishing in places like streams, make sure to wade carefully, keeping your feet as close to the bottom as possible. If you happen upon a section of shallow water where the bottom is visible, you’re likely near a catfish den or other area where catfish like to hide.

Final Words

Hand-fishing is an excellent way to catch catfish, especially when conditions make other methods less effective. To catch the most catfish with your hands, seek out deep holes, undercut banks, or areas with lots of weeds where they like to hide. Another useful tip is to look for shallow water where you can see the bottom; there, you’re likely to find catfish.

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