How To Put On A Fishing Line On The Reel


You will find a lot of information on fishing equipment in internet forums and hunting books. But you will often hear advice and tips on how to put a fishing line on a fishing reel. Let’s have a look at how to put a fishing line on the reel.

Put on a fishing line on the reel

For the reel’s mouthpiece, so that it is not covered by line, to avoid cutting off the end. It is best to lift the reel if this happens, to reveal the mouthpiece.

It is best not to get tangled up in line

When fishing, the line is not supposed to get tangled.

Make sure you have plenty of lines left on the reel.

Put the reel to your shoulder

Most reel motors have the line guide arm close to your shoulder. The line guide arm moves the line from the gearbox in the hub of the motor to the output shaft. If you have a drag adjuster, you can easily move the line guide to the correct setting, by moving the arms back and forth to adjust the line guide’s position. This ensures you don’t get tangled up in the line.

Put your hands above the reel

The reel needs your help when you put the line in the rod guides. The reel needs to be above your hands. This way you can grab the line from the output shaft and move it to the gearbox in the hub of the motor.

Bring in line, pull the line through your fingers

When putting in line, move the line through your fingers to prevent pulling in the line.

Be cautious with the drag adjuster

When reeling in line, make sure that you put it back exactly where it came from. Sometimes drag adjusters move the line too far and cut the end.

Set the drag adjuster for the maximum tension

It is best to set the drag adjuster to its maximum tension. Otherwise, the line that is moving through your fingers could turn into a tangle, causing a lot of stress to your hands.

Before you cut the line

If you have run out of line, wait a while to let the fish caught on the bait, before you cut the line. If the fish has not got on the bait, wait a little longer before you cut the line. If the fish has had the bait on it for more than a few seconds, wait to get more line from your reel or the tackle box.

Remove the fish from the line

When the fish has caught on the bait, pull it from the line by hand. The whole time it should be easy to move the fish as the line is light.

Once you are ready to reel in the line

Once you have removed the fish from the line, pull it tight with the drag adjuster. If you put your hands above the reel, your line will become taut.

Carefully unhook the fish

When the fish is clear of the line, remove the hook, as soon as possible. Cut the line.

Give the fish a little time to live

Once the fish is hooked on the bait, give the fish a few minutes to live. This way the fish won’t pull on the line when you have got it out of the water.


If you follow these steps, fishing will be a lot easier and less frustrating. Keep in mind that what you have learned here, can be applied to almost every piece of fishing equipment.

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