Toontown Fishing Guide

 Toontown fishing guide teaches kids to fish in a fun and rewarding way.


As a resident of Toontown, love to help kids learn about the outdoors and get out into nature. Waterways are teeming with fish and other animals that are only found in the streams. Passionate about teaching people to appreciate and protect our waterways and the wildlife that lives in them.
We love to fish in Cog works, where we have access to the canal that runs through most of Toontown. At first, was worried about kids fishing in the canal and/or rivers. But now I have grown accustomed to seeing little fishing poles up in the canals, and so have the other kids in the shop. It’s fun to watch people of all ages get out of their boats and out into the water to catch some fish.
We also like to fish in our favorite places in Toontown. It’s hard to beat our locations from the log canal where we catch our fish to the canals and creek channels that lead to the ocean!
One of the coolest places we ever fished was a part of Toontown that we don’t see very often. Right off of Main Street in front of the Toontown Shell station, we were able to access a small part of the Towhey Canal. Now, as a lifelong Toon, had no idea that the Towhey Canal connected with the seawall of the canal. The Towhey Canal goes through tunnels beneath the seawall and, once you’re inside the canal, it’s not really visible from the roads. It’s still fun to fish here because you are really seeing how the canal is connected to the ocean.
Now go grab your fishing gear and show off your talents!

Short story for Toontown Fishing

Jimmy Mac was born to be a guide! His love for fishing began at age 5 fishing with his father and has continued to this day, a passion he can’t imagine giving up.
He was always found in his stand-up paddleboard, with rods and reels set up, on the water practicing his favorite sport.
Once Jimmy graduated high school, he decided to explore his new passion in a new way. He purchased his first boat, a 19-foot center console, and began exploring the waterways in Orlando. His fun and loving personality quickly gained him a reputation as a top guide, with almost 100 successful trips under his belt.
You don’t have to be a captain, captain, or captain-anyone can catch fish! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or seasoned angler, Jimmy is willing to help guide you and give you pointers to gain success on the water!

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